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Music Stores

Following is a partial list of musical instrument retailers in our area. We strongly encourage you to call around to find the best price on a quality instrument along with the best service.

Music & Arts Center Crossroads Plaza 426 Crossroads Blvd., Cary, (854-0024) Instrument sales and repairs

Quarter Note Music 1583 Beaver Creek Commons Dr, Apex NC. 27502, (387-3939) Instrument sales and repairs

Private Lessons

A good private teacher is perhaps the most valuable investment a parent can make for their child. Band directors are trained in the instruction of every band and orchestral instrument, but their knowledge cannot compare to that of a professional player who makes a living teaching and performing on one instrument.

Private teachers are excellent for the student who wishes to grow faster or for the average student who is having isolated problems. Such requires the knowledge and skill of a specialist.

I strongly urge all Band students to assist their pursuit of excellence through private instruction. Please see your director for suggestions on private instructors.


Class Materials

Most music stores will have all required band books and supplies. I suggest calling music dealers to make sure your needed material is in stock before leaving your home to make a purchase.

6th Grade Band
  • Essential Elements Book 1
  • Clarinet Reeds: Mitchell Lurie or Vandoren (strength 2 or 2.5)
  • Pencil

7th Grade Band
  • Essential Elements Book 2
  • Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds: Mitchell Lurie (3 or 3.5), or Vandoren (3)
  • Pencil

8th Grade Band
  • Technique for Band
  • Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds: Mitchell Lurie (3 to 4) or Vandoren (3 to 3.5)
  • Pencil

Also Required for All Bands

  • Valve oil and tuning slide grease for brass players
  • Slide cream and water sprayer for trombone players
  • Cleaning snake & mouthpiece brush for all brass players
  • Sticks/Mallets for percussionists
  • Four good reeds (not chipped) with reed guard for saxophone and clarinet players
  • Pencil (not a pen) on the stand at all times
  • Every instrument case must have an identification nametag on it at all times as well as a cleaning kit inside.



Facilities and Equipment

All band classes at Salem Middle School meet in the band room (rm. 123). The Arts office is for the use of teachers. Students are not to enter the office without the permission of either the band director, the drama teacher, or the dance teacher. The instrument storage room and instrument lockers are used to house student instruments during the school day. Students are to keep them neat and clean at all times. All instrument cases are to be latched with all latches. The only items to be stored in the instrument storage room are instruments with completed name tags. Students are required to take their instruments home each evening for practice. The Percussion instruments are located in the back of the band room. These instruments are very expensive and are to be played by percussion students only.


Rehearsals and Performances

Band students at Salem Middle School have a variety of opportunities to perform for the public and for ratings at state-sponsored events.

After-school rehearsals will be called periodically and before performances. This will allow split classes the opportunity to rehearse together. It will also give students more individualized attention in many cases. It is imperative that we have 100% attendance at these limited rehearsals.

Winter Concert: This will, likely, be the first performance for all bands this year. All bands will perform in the gym or auditorium, depending on the number of band students in the program.

Pre-Festival Clinic: This concert will only involve 7th and/or 8th Grade Band if the director finds it appropriate to perform at the Central District Band Festival this year. The pre-festival clinic is an opportunity to perform the music that is being prepared prior to the formal performance in front of adjudicators as described below.

Central District Band Festival: Middle school bands from our band district (Central District), which includes all counties including and between Wake and Guilford Counties, perform a program selected from the state approved music literature list. A panel of adjudicators rates the band's performance using a five level scale:

  • I = Superior
  • II = Excellent
  • III = Average
  • IV = Below Average
  • V = Poor

The band's attendance is contingent upon good instrumentation, hard work, steady progress, and impeccable student behavior. A decision will be made by the director in late December.

District Solo and Ensemble Festival: Just as an ensemble may go to band festival, soloists and small ensembles (duets, trios, quartets, etc.) of all grade levels in middle school are strongly urged to go to Solo and Ensemble Festival, which will be held at Cary Academy. Ratings, like those given to bands at Band Festival, are given to each member of a small ensemble and to each soloist.

All-County Band: Each year around October/November, middle school students from Wake County schools have the opportunity to audition for a spot in the Wake County All-County Band. Auditions are will be at Carnage Middle School. The clinic, which consists of rehearsals and a concert, will take place all in two consecutive days, which are typically Thursday and Friday. The audition solo is the same solo for All-District Band auditions. 7th and 8th grade band students are strongly urged to audition and should plan on purchasing the solo. Audition material is largely based on the same material used for All-District Band auditions.

All-District Band: 7th and 8th grade band students are strongly urged to audition for All-District Band in January. Students who are selected will attend a two-day clinic/concert in February, much like that of All-County Band. Students need not qualify for All-County in order to qualify for All-District Band, but it is highly recommended that students audition for All-County first.

All-State Honors Band: Students who make top seats in the All-District Band may audition for the North Carolina All-State Honors Band. Students who make this band will attend a three-day clinic at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro or UNC Chapel Hill. The auditions are in March.. The clinic is at UNCG or UNC in April. Students who qualify for this ensemble are North Carolina's very best musicians.

Spring Concert: All Bands will perform on the Spring Concert in the gym or auditorium. Attendance is required for all Band Members. All requirements are the same as the Winter Concert.


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